Our Faculty Members

Our faculty members

The school has a rich presence of teachers who are well trained and hold worthy experience to nurture the children.

To upgrade their core competencies in accordance with the changing education field, these teachers have been given additional training. 


Teachers name                 Qualifications Designation
Mrs.Sridevi                   Bsc. B.Ed Coordinator
Mrs. Manjula B.A. B.Ed                      Asst.Teacher
Mrs.jayanti.S B.A .C.P.Ed P.E.Teacher
Mrs.Asha                      M.A. Montessori         Asst.Teacher 
Mrs. Lakshmi.HN         B.A, B.Ed                        Asst.Teacher
Mrs. Divya.R                 B.Sc, D.Ed                     Asst.Teacher                
Mrs.Nirmala.L               B.A, B.Ed                      Asst.Teacher
Ms.Priya Darshini        P.U.C, N.S.T Asst.Teacher
Mr.Druva Kumar.PV   M.Sc.B.Ed                    Asst.Teacher  
Mr.Anil Kumar .J          B.Sc.B.Ed                       Asst.Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Nancy’s    M.Sc.B.Ed Asst.Teacher
Mr. Anil Kumar.P.M M.Sc.B.Ed Asst.Teacher
Mrs. Shilpa.HR B.Sc.B.Ed Asst.Teacher
Mrs. Divya .RR M.A. B.Ed Asst.Teacher
Mrs.Ramya Shree M.Sc Asst.Teacher
Ms.Inchara .PR BCA Asst.Teacher