General Information

general information

1. All students should attend their classes in the School uniform. Uniform should be clean and neat.

2. Students should be in the School premises at least five minutes before the first bell. Students shall not wander or       play  in the school premises in the morning hours.

3. Carrying Mobile Phones is not allowed inside the School campus. Confiscated mobiles will be returned only after the completion of the School.

4. Running,Playing or Shouting inside the school building is strictly prohibited.

5. No student shall leave School premises during the school hours without the permission from the Principal.

6. Students should bring necessary text books and note books regularly according to the time table.

7. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their books and others belongings.

8. School fees should be paid in time. Delay in paying fees may result in fine and with holding the result of the ward.

9. Students will have to be careful in handling school books, furniture, laboratory equipments etc. Any damage to the school property will have to be made good or damages to be paid.

10.  Students who are absent on the regular school day are not permitted to enter the class unless the produce the leave letter duly signed by their Parents. Late comers shall not enter the class without Principal's permission.

11. Students should keep silence in the class. If the concerned teacher is on leave, the class leaders must report the matter to the Principal 5 minutes after the bell.

12. No student shall enter any class room other than his/her own, without teacher's permission. Students are not allowed to change their place in the class romm without the permission of the class teacher.

13. Students are advised to go through the School notice board everyday.

14. Parents are expected to go through the Progress Report of their wards and sign it when requested. Parents should visit School often and discuss with the Principal and Teachers the progress of their childrens.

15. Parents are advised to come only in Office hours for any transaction that is connected with the School.

16. Parents should collect proper information regarding school activities from the school authorities only. Management shall not be responsible for any mis-information or ignorance of the School laws.

17. No money will be refunded after admission even if admission is cancelled.

18. The first installment of fee must be paid on or before 15th June and the second installment, on or before 30th November, during the same academic year.

19. Private tution is strongly discouraged. But if there is a real need, for this parents are advised to consult Principal along with Class Teachers.

20. Students desiring to obtain a certificate (Transfer Ceertificate, Character Certificate, Cumulative Records etc.)

Schould apply to the H.M/Principal at least two days in advance.

21. No Transfer Ceritficate shall be issued untill all the dues are cleared.

22. Students who are absent on the day of tests and exams will not be permitted to take up re-test and exams.

23. Any violation of the school laws will be taken seriously and punishment shall be awraded with the discretion of the Principal.

24. Students are advised to bring theit lunch themselves.They are not allowed to go home in the lunch break.

25. The class Rooms, Corridors and the School permises shall be kept neat and clean. Waste paper or other waste materials must always be thrown into waste boxes provided. They may always take care that the display board,walls,furnitures,black board etc., are kept neat and in order.