History Of Pushpa

History Of Pushpa

St. Chavara, the founder of the religious congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI ) is the guiding light of Pushpa Educational Institutions. As a man of god, he was a visionary, educationist, poet, writer, administrator and a social reformer, all rolled in to one.

St. Chavaras visionary approach to the field of education has enabled us to continue his mission here at periapatna in the form of Pushpa public school.

Pushpa Educational Institutions was inaugurated in the year _______ by the then ___________ Shri________. Today by the grace of the almighty and by the support of our parents and the well wisherrs we have completed ______ years.

The Present Pushpa Public School is a CBSE wing of our schools and manifests the similar ethos as of all CMI institutions across the country.

The name of the school  is inspired by a saints name ; Saint Theresa of Lisieus. She was born in the year 1873 at Alenso ,France and was the fifth daughter to her parents;Luie Martin and Ceilin Guerin.

Her meekness, utter simplicity, self denial, and extreme trust in the God were worth noticicing. She lived a life of service to the God and humanity. She said, “I will pour out flowers from heaven after my death”.

She has been a little flower for all those who came in touch with her. She died on 30th Sept., 1897 at the age of 24.

 So it is well said that “students trained in character and knowledge shall grow like beautiful and fragrant flowers doing good to the society”.