History Of Pushpa English Medium School CBSE

Pushpa English Medium School CBSE, is managed by the CMI Fathers under St. Thomas Education Society, Mysuru.  It is affiliated to CBSE ,Delhi,(Af No. 830879)keeping in view the education needs of the locality. This school is located away from the busy town on Gonikopal Road. The peaceful atmosphere, scenic beauty and aesthetic structures of the campus induce the best from every student who choose to be in this abode of wisdom and learning. This institution aims at the holistic development of the students to feel confident and competent ,to the challenges of ever changing society. As a minority institution we enjoy:

1.The right to establish and administer Educational Institutions of our choice.

2. The right to form our own governing body to manage the educational institutions without interference from the state.

3. The right to appoint our own teachers.

4. The right to admit children belonging to our religion etc.

5. The right to collect fees, if not Aided.

6.The right to have school uniform of our choice.

Education of children is the joint responsibility of the school authorities and the parents.Hence parents co-operation is required to ensure the progress of their children in studies.